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    Glue level gauge installation can observe glue usage

    writer:Glue level gauge time:2018-12-27 19:39 clicks:
    Does the glue level gauge know which dispensing barrel to use? At present, there is only one dispensing pressure barrel used in the market, that is, the liquid level display pressure barrel. The liquid level display can observe the remaining amount of glue, so as not to waste glue. The glue volume can be adjusted according to the production quantity.
    液位顯示壓力桶 The Function of Installing Liquid Level Display
    Installation of glue level gauge is able to meet the observation glue volume, and installation of funnel can add glue in the middle. With the improvement of domestic manufacturing technology of glue dispensing pressure barrel, more and more types of glue dispensing pressure barrel, with funnel feeding barrel and liquid level display pressure barrel are only two of them. There are also double pressure barrel, flat cover pressure barrel, stainless steel pressure barrel and so on. Different pressure barrels will have different types. The same function.
    The pressure barrel is made of stainless steel.
    攪拌時點膠壓力桶 The dispensing pressure barrel used for carrying glue is usually made of stainless steel. The liquid level display pressure barrel is also made of stainless steel. Besides the glue level gauge, there are some accessories. Otherwise, the other parts are basically made of stainless steel or 304 stainless steel. Whether the double pressure barrel or the liquid level display pressure barrel, they can be used for a very long time and are generally purchased. A dispensing pressure barrel can be used for five years, and the price of a pressure barrel is several hundred yuan, mainly related to capacity.
    Different processes and different prices
    With funnel feeding barrel, liquid level display pressure barrel and double-layer pressure barrel, the material and manufacturing technology are higher, and the price will certainly rise. At present, the cheaper dispensing pressure barrel on the market is piston pressure barrel, similar parts and installation of more complex dispensing pressure barrel are more expensive, because accessories are also expensive, a glue level meter price is more than a dozen. How about the block?
    If you need liquid level display pressure barrel, double pressure barrel and hopper feeding barrel, you can order them in the medium system. We can customize non-punctuated rubber pressure barrel. If you need it, you can call the hotline 13928403389.