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    3D model gluing technology

    writer:點膠閥 time:2020-08-15 17:41 clicks:
    3D model gluing is now also appearing in the glue dispensing industry. 3D modeling has become a hot word in the new era. It is better to say that 3D printing is more suitable.From zero to one, one-time printing can have better results!Convenience becomes simpler, a product can be built directly according to its type, the overall structure is more rigid, the structure is stronger, many scientists are now trying to integrate this science into the medical field, indicating that 3D model printing can really solve some of the problems in the field, and slowly in the gel dispensing industry.
      In order to achieve the 3D model glue coating, the requirements for the glue dispensing valve are quite high, and it is not easy to leak glue or the control effect is not good. We recommend the screw glue dispensing valve manufactured by our company. In order to achieve the glue coating, improve the glue stability and product quality, using the screw valve can be a guarantee, because the glue coating effect of the screw valve is very even, the glue output is very stable, and the modeling effect will be better than that of the screw valve.Generally, the glue dispensing valve is more stable, especially the glue volume control, because the screw glue dispensing valve uses the gear to control the glue output, so it can accurately control the glue in a reasonable range, and the stability is particularly strong. The glue effect of 3D model is mainly determined by the glue valve and the machine.
      Screw dispensing valves for customers who know about high-end valves, can understand that screw dispensing valves represent the top valve controllers in the dispensing industry. For glue volume is a real control of 0.01ml dispensing valves, the glue volume control is very stable, and the first point of modeling effect is guaranteed glue volume, otherwise it is easy to overflow or collapse, which can not complete the 3D model glue coating, the effect is alsoIt will reduce, use screw point valves can also be modified to not access the stainless steel pressure barrel, the glue storage capacity can also be solved, the number of stainless steel pressure barrel rises can be chosen by yourself, how much flow is needed per day, how many liters of stainless steel pressure barrel matches, which makes it very convenient and simple.
      Stainless steel pressure barrel for glue storage requirements are not very high, high viscosity of the tape air pump, low viscosity with electric mixing, stainless steel pressure barrel manufacturing technology has been very mature, can be manufactured according to the core requirements of manufacturers, only in the 3D model glue coating requirements of manufacturers, need to communicate with our company clearly, in order to formulate a suitable program,You have this requirement, please call us!