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    • Double liquid dispensing valve is applicable to bayonet stat

      field.writer/ :2019-12-03 Clicks:174

      The double liquid dispensing valve is a dispensing valve that can mix two types of glue. There is also an indispensable accessory, that is, the static mixing pipe. Because the double liquid dispensing valve cannot mix the glue completely, it needs the hel...

    • Customized stainless steel multi tube needle

      field.writer/ :2019-11-28 Clicks:207

      Stainless steel multi tube needle is a special type of needle, which has two rubber outlets, generally a single rubber outlet and more than two. It can improve the dispensing speed, but it has relatively large requirements for the use of products, which c...

    • Wholesale of round soft wool needles

      field.writer/ :2019-11-27 Clicks:158

      Brush needle is also a popular kind of needle now. It can be divided into round and flat. What's the meaning of application can also be distinguished. Flat shape is generally used for brush plane, while round shape is used for cylindrical products. Today,...

    • Teflon tip: a dispensing needle suitable for instant drying

      field.writer/ :2019-11-26 Clicks:180

      Instant dry glue and hot melt glue are special glue in the glue industry. Although they need to be used in a complex way, they are still "stars" in the glue industry. In order to use these glue, our manufacturers are also racking their brains. Finally, th...

    • High viscosity silica gel high flow dispensing valve

      field.writer/ :2019-11-23 Clicks:213

      Large flow dispensing valve has large colloid, internal axis with disc, strong driving pressure, which can push the glue with high viscosity. The glue with high viscosity has poor fluidity, insufficient air pressure, so it is difficult to push the glue, a...

    • Describe 55CC common specifications of dispensing transparen

      field.writer/ :2019-09-05 Clicks:208

      Neutral automation has long been involved in the fields of automatic dispensing machine and dispensing machine consumables. There are 55CC dispensing transparent syringes, 5cc/10cc/30cc dispensing transparent syringes, 100cc/200cc/300cc dispensing transpa...

    • Is the plastic rubber cylinder at the end of dispensing mach

      field.writer/ :2019-08-26 Clicks:227

      Plastic rubber cylinder is the tool of dispensing machine. The rubber cylinder is used to store the treated glue and then press the glue onto the surface of the coating. Because the rubber cylinder is mainly made of synthetic materials such as plastics, s...

    • Standard universal pollution-free PP plastic sealant cartrid

      field.writer/ :2019-07-25 Clicks:218

      The existing dispensing syringe market is in the expansion stage. More and more types of syringes can be used for special industries to store dispensing. As an industry standard, the plastic sealant cartridge belongs to the general type. It is suitable fo...