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    Screw mouth plastic steel dispensing needle

    writer:點膠閥 time:2020-04-10 10:33 clicks:
    The screw mouth plastic steel dispensing needle refers to the plastic steel needle, which is made of plastic and steel materials. It belongs to the most popular type of needle in the market. After market research, the annual usage is the largest, because the price and effect are moderate, there are stainless steel needles to control the dispensing accuracy, plastic materials to reduce the cost, combined with the use cost can be controlled very low, and the usage will be large naturally.
      Needle type: plastic steel needle, stainless steel needle, plastic needle, soft needle, etc. These are the conventional needle types on the market, but also have other names. Generally, large flow dispensing needle refers to plastic needle, because the plastic needle manufacturing is relatively large, so the glue flow is relatively large. The needle type also has a feature, all of which are made by the way of screw mouth, and all of the needles are made by the way of screw mouth It is made into a screw mouth dispensing needle.
      The screw mouth dispensing needle can be installed on the dispensing valve, dispensing needle and mixing pipe. At present, the dispensing needle of the dispensing parts that need to be dispensing will be matched with the proper screw mouth dispensing needle. This is the case for the basic types of needles in the market, which solves the dispensing problem and avoids the improper use of the purchased needles. There are regulations in the industry. Although the types may be different, some of them are not suitable The core requirements are the same, so is the manufacturing of large flow dispensing needles. No needle type will change unless it wants to be eliminated by the industry.
      Attention must be paid to glue flow when using large flow dispensing needles. Of course, if you need a larger amount of your products, you can cut the length of the needles. Large flow dispensing needles are tapered. The closer they are to the screw mouth, the larger the opening and the larger the glue flow. It is still very convenient to use. There are not too many specifications for each dispensing type. There are 7 specifications for large flow dispensing needles, plastic steel There are about 18 specifications of dispensing needles, involving many conventional industries.