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    ZZ-2424 Red Micrometer Precision Spot Valve

    writer:點膠閥 time:2021-05-19 15:56 clicks:
    ZZ-2424kft Precision Spot Valve is an enhanced version of pin-type Spot Valve. The larger cylinder enhances the flow rate and pressure value. For some fluidity, not good glue, there are still conditions to use, the pressure value is increased, the force is greater, the fluidity will be improved. For some want to use sealing and precision Spot Valve, to solve this problem.
    Machine parameters
    Operating Viscosity: 1~2,000,000 CPS
    Vomiting volume: 0.01ml
    Operating pressure: 4-7kg/cm3
    Feed pressure: <30kg
    Operating frequency: <600min
    Feed spout size: 1/8"npt(f)
    Rubber outlet bore: 2mm
    Flow regulation: micrometer precision fine-tuning device
    Point Valve Properties: Top Pin Point Valve
    Shape size: (D) 24x (H) 160 (mm)
    Weight: 255g
    Control solenoid: 2-way 5-way/2-way 3-way available
    Installation screw: M3.5 through screw hole spacing: 17mm
    Advantages and features
    The width of 1,24mm is larger than that of the ordinary ejector point valve, 3mm, has larger storage capacity, can withstand more air pressure, and improves the glue flow smoothness.
    2. Made with precise cmc, it has better sealing. The sealing ring is made of silicone, which has better sealing and anti-corrosion effect.
    3. High precision spot valve with precision of 0.01g and minimum gum width of 0.1mm.
    4. It can be used with various types of dispensers and is easy to install. It only needs to be locked on the fixture board.
    5. The needle is easy to install. Unlike the traditional nut head, the Ruhr connector can screw the needle directly without falling off.
    Glue is suitable for use.
    Waterborne, metal, sealant, uv, grease, silicone, etc.

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